Junior Lessons

Kellogs award scheme

Swimming lessons have been carefully designed to offer the highest standards of swimming teaching. Working in partnership with the ASA, swimming lessons adhere to the National plan for teaching swimming. We also offer half term and holiday crash courses for a week long intensive course. Please see the holiday activities page for details of the latest courses.

Once your child has completed their stage, a badge and certificate can be purchased at a small cost.

Professional Teachers

Our teachers are all ASA level 2 qualified and attend required training courses as a part of continued professional development to keep them up to date with the latest information and teaching techniques.

Our Teaching team are; Hannah Hibble, Zoe Entecott, Will Adams, James Rumbelow, Sarah Baker, Przemek Lipinski, David Vagos, Nat Bostock and Katie Palmer.

Our Assistants are: Maja Radosinska, Matthijs Nooteboom, Natasha Howard and Ruby Bell-Williamson.

Swim Caps

All our swimmers at the beginning of the term will be given one free swim cap associated with their swimming Stage. Different caps mean different swimming stages:

Yellow—Shallow end: Ducklings and Stage 1
Blue—Shallow end: Stage 2
Green—Deep end: Stages 3 and 4
Red—Deep end: Stages 5 and 6
Black—Deep end: Stage 7 and 8
White—Stage 9 and beyond!

And why swim caps are great? They protect your hair from chlorine in pool water, making it easier to wash after swimming.
Wearing a cap prevents hair products dissolving in the pool, allowing us to use less chlorine, leading to more pleasant swimming experience.
Our caps are a badge of honor: just as belts in martial arts,
different colors mean different levels of skill—as your kids progress they will earn new caps to show off their skill.

Replacement caps can be bought via Reception for £5.00

The Enrolment Process

New Enrolments
To enrol onto our lesson scheme you need to attend an enrolment day. On this day (usually a Thursday near the end of term) we open up any available spaces to new pupils. One of our teachers will be on hand to assist you with your level choice and answer any questions. Payment must be made on this day for the term.  Please be advised that payment by cash or cheque will speed up the booking process.

Once your child is attending our scheme you have priority to re-enrol each term. Once your child’s ability has been assessed they will be given a re-enrolment form stating their recommended level for the next term. All key information will be provided on your re-enrolment form.

Please be aware that your place is not reserved until you book and make payment at reception. All the re-enrolment information will be on your re-enrolment form so please check it carefully.

If you have any questions about our swimming scheme please contact us.