Public and Fun Splash swimming sessions

Our lessons run 50 weeks per year with 2 weeks off over the Christmas break, with the option of paying via Direct Debit or by a 10-week block. The Direct Debit option also allows free usage of Public swimming sessions, to practice your teaching points. Each payment plan entitles you to 1 designated class per week (must be the same class each week), additional lessons will encur an additional charge.

Payment Plans:
1. 10-week block is £75, this is a one-time payment and runs for 10 weeks, when the 10 weeks are up you may then decide to top up with another 10 weeks, stop lessons or move over to the Direct Debit option.

2. Direct Debit is £25 per month. This is a regular monthly payment which comes out of your bank account automatically at the beginning of each month. This option runs every month until you tell us to stop, please be aware we need 28 days notice to if you wish to cancel this option.

Please be aware that all bookings are subject to availability.
If you wish to make a booking, it is advised you to do by visiting reception in person to sign up.

Swimming Lessons Enrollment form can be found below:

Parents Home Portal

Once enrolled to the scheme or onto a waiting list you will receive an invitation email to our Parents Home Portal. After gaining access you can check progress of your kids lessons, check all badges that they achieved, and move your little ones to new stages.

Professional Teachers

Our teachers are all ASA level 2 qualified and attend required training courses as a part of continued professional development to keep them up to date with the latest information and teaching techniques.

Swim Caps

All our swimmers at the beginning of the term will be given one free swim cap associated with their swimming Stage. Different caps mean different swimming stages:

Shallow End:
Stage 1 – Yellow
Stage 2 – Blue
Deep End:
Stage 3 – Green
Stage 4 – Navy Blue
Stage 5 – Red
Stage 6 – Plum
Stage 7 – Black
Stage 8 – Silver
Stage 9 & 10 – White

And why swim caps are great? They protect your hair from chlorine in pool water, making it easier to wash after swimming.
Wearing a cap prevents hair products dissolving in the pool, allowing us to use less chlorine, leading to more pleasant swimming experience.
Our caps are a badge of honor: just as belts in martial arts,
different colors mean different levels of skill—as your kids progress they will earn new caps to show off their skill.

Replacement caps can be bought via Reception for £5.00

If you have any questions about our swimming scheme please contact us.

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